The last of the boutique fly rod builders..

Small scale fly rod manufacturing operations are on the brink of extinction.  The modern era fly fishing market is dominated by mass produced, imported, cost driven fly rods. The simple truth is, there are precious few of the little rod shops left. But all hope is not lost, there are still a few places where meticulous detail and old school manufacturing processes still exist, and a few of these shops are still on American soil. Riverworks is one of these special places where fly rods are handcrafted one at time to perfection. We build fly rods for specialty applications and hardcore fly fishers who demand the finest materials, flawless workmanship, and individual attention that has been lost in the modern fly fishing industry.  If you want to do business with a company where you can have a conversation with the person who builds your fly rod from start to finish, you have landed in the right place. Welcome to Riverworks- a little fly rod shop dedicated to satisfying your fly fishing addiction. 

Jeff Lomino- Founder/Fabricator/Lead Designer